What To Know Before You Go…

Planning your Wild Atlantic Way journey with West Coast Cycle Tours? Wondering what exactly you’ll need to make the day as comfortable, fun and enjoyable as possible?

We’ve thought of everything…


With the ever-changing weather on the West Coast of Ireland, it’s best to pack for all seasons! Remember, all spare clothes can be stored in the transport vehicle and this is accessible at all times. Be sure to wear comfortable, warm (but light) outdoor gear and carry along any desired extras.

From experience, let me advise you on a few items to bring.

  • A small towel
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • 2/3 spare pairs of socks
  • A change of t-shirt
  • Sunglasses
  • Suncream
  • A raincoat (unfortunately!)


Packing your own lunch is optional and you are very welcome to do so. You can store your lunch in the transport vehicle where it will be accessible at all times. It is a good idea to have a few snacks to hand, to keep energy and enjoyment levels up!

A gourmet food break along the Wild Atlantic Way

A welcome food break along the Wild Atlantic Way in Doolin!

However, there is an abundance of delicious foods to be tasted throughout the day! The Burren area is known for its excellence in locally produced artisan food and it never disappoints!

Phones & Cameras

Please bring your phone with you on your Wild Atlantic Day. While it’s great to capture stunning photographs, it’s also a useful way of getting in touch during the day. (You’d forget phones did that wouldn’t you??) Also, if you have a DSLR Camera, feel free to bring it with you too. We’ll keep it safe and dry and even show you where some great photographs can be taken!


Honestly, very little cycling or hiking experience is required to fully enjoy your Wild Atlantic Day. Your guide will give you a full safety demonstration on the bikes prior to your first cycle of the day and you’ll have quiet, peaceful roads to get comfortable with your bike.

GoPro Helmet Shot of a group enjoying Clare's rugged and beautiful Wild Atlantic Way on a glorious day!

GoPro Helmet Shot of a group enjoying Clare’s rugged and beautiful Wild Atlantic Way on a glorious day!

We cater to tour groups of a wide variety of fitness levels and have received wonderful praise from all! Embrace the adventurous spirit within you – you will have a memorable day on the Atlantic coast that you will cherish forever!


All visitors to West Coast Cycle Tours will be given a fitted hybrid bicycle along with all safety equipment.

Specifically speaking…here comes the science…

Our bikes are Trek 7.1 & 7.2 which come in ladies’ and gents’ frame sizes. They come equipped with a full Shimano bike-set, 24 Speed gears and standard pedals. You will also be given your own compact front storage packs (for cameras, jackets etc.) Our helmets are BBB and again come in a range of sizes – one even comes with a GoPro Camera housing! We also provide high-visibility vests to be worn while cycling.

The bikes are routinely serviced, cleaned daily and are some of the most comfortable bicycles to use.

We are confident that West Coast Cycle Tours provide the best bikes for hire on the entire Wild Atlantic Way.

Again, your tour guide will give you instructions on the bikes prior to setting off.

Trek 7.2 (Ladies' Frame)

One of West Coast Cycle Tours’ beautiful Trek Hybrid Bikes at Clahane on the Wild Atlantic Way


There is limited ATM access or credit card payment along the route for the day. This means you are probably best to carry cash with you for any purchases you might make during the day. There are many wonderful craft shops, gift stores and cafes that can be visited during the day. Please keep your money on your person at all times.

I’m looking forward to seeing you, and if you do have further questions or comments about your Wild Atlantic Day please contact us or call us!


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